About The Pack

I became one of those "crazy" dog-moms when Danté came into my life in 2014. Despite having pets as a child, and multiple family dogs, Danté was the first who was actually mine, who felt more like my child and less like just a four-legged friend. Suddenly, I was researching which dog Dante border collie hedshotfoods are the best, and which clinics, stores, and groomers are top-of-the-line; because as we all know, only the best is good enough for your child. Things definitely haven't changed with Ronin joining the party in 2017.

Having graduated in the field of graphic design with a passion for marketing, I quickly saw that most dog-centric businesses needed some (a lot of) love with this whole "marketing" thing; and that makes perfect sense! Obviously, if they're experts at marketing, they'd be marketers; and not innovators of all things doggo! Unfortunately, as human beings, we are constantly forming opinions based on first impressions, and your lovingly homemade dog biscuits are swept under the rug if your logo and business cards don't impress.

Ronin Miniature Aussie headshotLife is a journey, dogs make it more fun, and they are worth celebrating!That's why I walk down this path of finding trainers and dog-sitters that share my values. I want to share my talent for design with the rest of the dog-obsessed community. I want to help showcase the talents of the everyday dog-mom and dad so that they can concentrate on pursuing their passions, and not worry about what their choice of font might say about them.